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your truly best personal trainer in Los Angeles with a soul, not a sales sheet

Los Angeles Personal Trainer

You want to glow like never before. Your body craves more energy. And your spirit yearns for balance. You ought to work with Kevin. Immediately. 


Train with the Trainer with a BIOMEDICAL DEGREE who Trains Other Trainers

You could soak up the sun on an all-expenses-paid Hawaiian vacation. Or you could stare at a stock photo of hula dancers, dangling from your office wall. The choice between the real thing and an imitation is easy for you. Searching for the freshest personal trainer to bring real change to your body? Consider Kevin your own personal Waikiki. The sunshine, the surf, and everything.

Contact Kevin Now For Your Free Training Session

Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Here's a fact you'll appreciate. Kevin is the personal trainer that other personal trainers flock to. From Kevin’s wisdom, they bone up on how to actually train others. He's offering you a unique opportunity: to be good to yourself, skip the fitness middleman, and privilege yourself to the best.

It's obvious to you how so many trainers seem to have won the genetic lottery. They've worshipped their own forms for years. But when it comes to your unique shape? How good are they at tailoring their body knowledge to your one-of-a-kind body?

Kevin uses his bioengineering training to shape and specify his approach to you, in every single moment of your session. Have you trained with one of Kevin’s proteges? You’d be surprised. They’re everywhere.           

You Deserve a Trainer with a Diploma

You're wondering: why exactly is it that Kevin has mentored so many other trainers? It's simple. Among other personal trainers, Kevin is a rare scholar.

Kevin is a Certified Personal Trainer who regularly re-earns his certification. He earned an authentic Bachelor's Diploma in Biomechanical Engineering, a field requiring master knowledge of both biomechanics and nutrition. That’s right -- Kevin is the ONLY personal trainer with equal expertise in both fitness AND nutrition.

And it's that Graduate degree that allows Kevin to win your respect. What bores you more than anything? Trainers who know their dumbbells but not the title of a single book. You demand a bona fide fitness professional. Someone with a verified background in the science and discipline of exercise. Someone with expertise that you can believe in. 

Exercise your own expertise. Contact Kevin now for a smarter, more satisfying workout!


Kevin wields scientific understanding of how the human body moves, and how the body gets hurt. So he can calculate and pinpoint what will finally, successfully work for you -- without unnecessary stress to your muscles, your joints, or to wherever may ail you. 

It’s All About You. 

Los Angeles Personal Training

Be Happier With Your Body. Dial Kevin to Feel Fitter Now!


You don't need a magnifying glass to pick out Kevin's favorite word of all time: you. 

Yes, you. Kevin ditches any guru act and lends you his wisdom. He leaves his diploma at the door, when he works with you, his very special client. 

Think of Kevin as a rose-colored mirror. Watch him reflect your deepest desires for your body and health. And watch him bring them to vivid life for you. You won't ever fear wilting and being ignored by a trainer who's more interested in his or her next client than in your needs, right here and now. 

Often overrun boot camp classes hype you up for the workout of a lifetime that's cheaper then personal training. You leave with a limp and an empty wallet. 

But you’ll never see Kevin carry a clipboard to your session.There is no guesswork or generic, run-of-the-mill routine with him.  He knows when to push you, and when you’re pushing too hard. 

He listens with an open ear, a warm heart. And he assures you that your aspirations are his aspirations. Kevin never wavers from what you perceive is your ideal goal for an ideal body. 

Got Body Issues? Get Kevin On the Line. 

We all strive for the ideal, for perfection. But when we look in the mirror, we feel as if we come short. No matter how you may feel before a workout, Kevin always lends care and support without having to say "I understand." 

Prevention is key when it comes to long-term health and vibrancy. Clients with various serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, or hypothyroidism, rely on Kevin's savvy to seriously improve their wellness. Clients striving to keep up with bodacious Beverly Hills housewives use Kevin to keep up with the celebs of the moment. 

What condition or ailment is holding you back? Whose body do you envy, do you wish was yours? The remedy is simple. Kevin is the key. 

For the Rush of a Lifetime, Rush to Kevin. 

But Kevin does more than unlock your fitness goals. Kevin is the battery that superpowers each of your workouts with him. 

Personal Training Los Angeles

Your Better Body Awaits with Kevin. Hop to It! 310-867-0505  

Kevin performs an individualized fitness assessment of every client and pinpoints the healthiest path to a beautiful new body. He never merely sticks to some pre-written workout routines, as other trainers do. 

He incorporates your feedback during the session to fine-tune your workout up to the minute, in a technique he calls "body balancing." 

Consider Kevin as your body's tailor, its sculptor, its caring mastermind. 

Your Therapist. Your Best Friend. Your Beautiful Body Secret. 

“Being fit is joy no matter what. It’s resilience against the lows, a more fulfilling high during the highs.” Kevin’s wellness philosophy in a charming nutshell. 

Personal training is a calling for Kevin, not just a means to a cash flow. Kevin helps realize your fitness goals wherever you are in your life: from thirtysomethings to those approaching the "third act" of their lives. You hear Kevin's lessons ringing in your ear even months after a session. 

Kevin treats this as his career. He’s applied himself to this profession in ways that outshine and surpass his less dedicated peers. If you value your vitality, you’ll call Kevin right about now. He’s waiting -- to make you feel well. To make you feel wonderful. 

Embrace Your Fitness, Your Health, Your Joy. Launch Your Body Revival with Kevin Now! 310-867-0505

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